No Homework Policy

We follow NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK POLICY to be given till grade II.


  • Classwork Notebooks will be kept at school.
  • Activity books like G.K, Art and Craft will be kept at school and shown only on PTM day.
  • Each day two subject notebooks will be sent home for parent’s perusal/ revision, which have to be submitted back to the respective class teacher the very next day.
  • Additional books will be sent to the child if he/she has remained absent for a long time.
  • Students will be encouraged by the teachers to repack their bags on daily basis to avoid carrying unnecessary articles, textbooks, workbooks that are not needed.
  • Authorities may check school bags randomly to ensure the proper weight of school bags.

 School will give revision work [Orals Only].

 Daily two subjects Oral Revision work will be given.

 If parents want their kids to write and revise they can do.

 School will not correct HW Notebooks as they will be with parents only.

 Examinations paper will be based on Class work Book.

Role of the Parents

 Students are often in the habit of storing things in their school bags, therefore regular cleaning of the school bag is essential.

 The bag should be put on tightly to the student’s back, rather than hanging off their shoulders.

 Incomplete work in case of long absentees should be bought to the notice of the teacher.

 No Leave during assessment.

 Daily checking of sent Class work Notebook and keeping track of child’s academic and written practices.

 Taking care of Revision.

 Attending PTMs regularly.

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