Teaching Pedagogy



 We follow an experiential and multi-disciplinary approach towards learning based on a variety of engaging techniques and teaching methodologies that focuses on nurturing core values, skills and knowledge required by an individual to succeed on a global dimension. Hands on experience and application oriented approach are at the core of our pedagogy. We also believe in incorporating collaborative activities that encourage students to interact and learn from each other. 

 Having prepared our staff to handle the children with utmost care and preparation, the teaching methods will bear in mind the following approaches towards education.

  • Child Centered Pedagogy and Management.
  • Differentiation of Instruction through Effective Teaching Strategies and Multiple Intelligence Theory.
  • Interdisciplinary and Experiential Learning Opportunities.
  • Holistic Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Instructional Computing and Technology (ICT).
  • Character Education, Leadership and Team Building.



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